Thursday, July 8, 2010

What are you EVOO, DOP, IGT.............................

Well we are EVOO. Extra virgin olive oil is regulated by the International Olive Oil Council as oil having free acidity at less than 0.08%. Casa Margherita oil is tested and is extra virgin.

As for DOP we are in a DOP region. All of Umbria is DOP, but the Italian system is such that our grove is DOP land but we cannot claim ir label our oil as being DOP as you need to get your fruit registered as DOP which is an expensive and not suited to a small producer such as ourselves. The same goes for IGT.

Many producers are trying to find ways of getting their oil to stand out. Mono cultivar oils, the above labels, organic or biologico as it is here. Picked early, picked late, crushed between virgins thighs (male and female of course). Everyone is trying to find an angle.

I think I have found one. Having checked on an search engine and had a lowly response I can proudly announce that Casa Margherita olive oil is a boutique olive oil. It is also probably the only boutique oil made in Trevi as well. A market leading oil.

The only trouble is that boutique brings to mind for me, Twiggy, the 70's, Carnaby Street................

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