Monday, July 12, 2010


Got up and walked Winnie (our Westie) up the hill into our village of Manciano. She had a great game with some of the local dogs but was very very overheated on the way back so i think that will be the end of walks until it cools down a bit.

This afternoon I was packing up sets of Casa Margherita infused olive oils for our olive tree adopters. They get a chilli infused, a thyme and a lemon infused olive oil which will be perfect with those summer bbq's.

During this there was a thunderstorm which lasted less than an hour but in that time took the temperature down from 35c to around 22c. A drop of over 13c. It is warming up again and so is our poor laptop which each summer we think will give out on us as it gets so hot. Hopefully not quite yet though.

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