Monday, July 26, 2010

Market day

Yesterday was the monthly farmer's market in Trevi. Casa Margherita took a stall as normal selling it's extra virgin olive oil. The market was quite quiet with people preferring to enjoy the weather elsewhere.

One of the other stallholders was selling these garlic bunches for €5 which give your kitchen at bit of bellezza.

Another vendor sells pulses and various types of flour - chick pea, chestnut, farro, corn, potato to but name them all.

These different types exist from necessity. If you didn't have wheat to make flour then you couldn't afford to buy and so needed to make the best of what you did have. Needs must ....

We like the farro as it helps make a very moorish onion bhaji.

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  1. I like the new way of spelling 'moreish'! Moorish somehow seems more exotice, more inviting...Jim