Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vines and machines

Over on this side of the valley there are mostly olives with very few vines being grown. On the other side of the valley the reverse is true with Montefalco being the local wine growing centre with the Sagrantino being a very fine grape which produces a very fine red wine. There is also a dessert wine - Sagrantino Passito which is great with the local hard almond biscuits dipped into it.

Just below Casa M is a small grove which today has just been ploughed over between the lines of vines and looks just perfect. Orderly, neat, precise. I think it looks great.

Unfortunately the olive grove does not look like this as there is a lot of grass to be strimmed and our strimmer is going to be in the workshop for a couple of weeks! I couldn't believe how many strimmers this place had in various states of repair.

I have had to borrow one from a neighbour - hopefully I can get some done tomorrow afternoon.

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