Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Hay Barn

My partner, Rachel, is a painter and print maker and up until last October had been trying to do this in our house which is basically a 2 up and 2 down albeit stuck on an Umbrian hillside.

This was not a situation that could continue and so we put word out that we were looking for a workshop/studio type space locally. Word reached Stefano who talked with his father, Giuseppe, and said why don't you suggest your old hay barn as it empty (see above).

Giuseppe spoke with Rachel and we walked up the hill to have a look at it. It was perfect. A big open space - exactly what any artist needs. The rent? - the occasional painting for Stefano/Guiseppe - even better.

Being a haybarn it is absolutely xxxxxx freezing in winter but for 8 months of the year it's great.

Rachel now goes up the hill most days to paint and is reveling in the fact that after many years she finally has a decent space in which to work in. A selection of her work can be seen at www.

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