Monday, May 3, 2010

Olive Grove Update

We have now completed two of the three major tasks required at this time of year.

We have fertilised all the trees. We use an organic fertiliser which comes in a pellet form. We give each tree 4 kilos which we spread on the upper side of the tree at the edge of the canopy. When it rains (of which we have had plenty) the fertiliser will get washed down to the fibrous roots.

The second part of to prune all the trees which we have now done with the help of Alveiro who tends the trees below our house on behalf of a locally famous lawyer who has a handlebar moustache and a liking for cigars. He comes up once a year on Ferragosto which is a big holiday in Italy to check on his grove.

The third task is to cut the grass. Now timing is crucial here as you do not want it to rain after you have cut it as you will probably need to cut it again. But you do not want to leave it too late as it becomes too hot and seriously hard work. I have started but fear I am a little early as there is rain forecast for most days this week. Ho hum!

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