Monday, May 10, 2010

Snacks, pasta and olive oil

Went to see our friends Massimo and Gabriella at their Enoteca, Vincanta, yesterday for a glass of wine some of their great snacks - this time a spicy tomato tuna on bruschetta amongst others.

After we came back to Trevi to have a plate of pasta at La Vecchia Posta. It has the best position of all the restaurants in Trevi being located in the small central Piazza with an outdoor seating eating area - great in summer.

We decided to have a salad after the pasta and teased the owner, Marco, over his choice of olive oil ie. it wasn't ours. He confirmed that it came from the Manciano area of Trevi and ordered 12 bottles on the spot.

This makes in the first time I have been out to dinner and then return home richer than when I left.

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