Thursday, August 12, 2010

When the cat's away.......

Whilst we have been away there has been a considerable amount of animal activity around the place. Something, probably a porcupine, has tried to dig under the fence of the veg garden. Don't think it got in as there is no real damage evident. Only a cucumber and a zucchine nibbled which was probably caused by mice.

There are signs of digging under all the fruit trees in the orchard (all 3 of them) and under all the hibicus's in the garden.

Also last night we saw a young fox cub saunter up the drive and have a good look around. This is the first time we have seen a fox at Casa Margherita and he was not at all put off by our presence. Much like the foxes in London who are very bullish shall we say.

We now have faithfull hound back so tonight will be interesting and probably a long night without sleep as she defends her territory with some high pitched barking ..... in our bedroom. Before you say... we know.

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  1. If you are kept awake and the sky is clear you can always look for the shooting stars.