Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bottlin' and a picklin'

Have been busy today making passata as the tomatoes are cropping heavily and have done about 10 of these jars of tomatoes today.

Have also peeled a load of onions for pickling.

If, at the moment, you go into any DIY shop, nursery, supermarket then there will be a large selection of jars and bottles for conserving and so many kitchens in Umbria are busy at the moment.

Rachel is pondering what to do with all the figs we have bearing in mind I don't like them and so she alone will be eating the preserved version.

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  1. We have made quite a lot of passata this year, but have frozen it as we found it worked well last year. Still done some in jars as well.

    The figs we are not eating fresh are drying in the sun at the moment.