Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dolce in Piazza

Last night was the final event of the summer music festival in Trevi - dolce in piazza. This is in the central piazza cakes are served for free and there is music and a tombola. Historically the cakes were brought by every tomasso, dick and harry but the EU has put a stop to this. This year all the local restaurants donated a cake.

It was a good fun night preceded by a lovely pizza at La Casareccia and finished off with cake and wine.

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  1. This is happening in Portugal too.Artesan and home made food is becoming overwhelmed by Eu can not any longer buy fresh fish from the fisherman on the beach. The fish has to be processed and then certified before a sale can be made. I can no longer produce home made salsa and chutneys for our friends restaurant as I have no certification.It is very sad but at the end of the day ´extreme`health and safety regulations are destroying lifetime traditions.