Monday, April 5, 2010

Pruning time

Casa Margherita is a 2 hectare olive grove in the hills of Umbria with some 500 olive trees. We are in full pruning mode at the moment and we work with our neighbour Alveiro, who has an amazing amount of experience with olive cultivation and all things olive to help prune our trees.

The essential equipment for pruning is a pair of pruning scissors fitted onto a 2 metre pole - trade name Fiskars. They are a great invention - simple but have an enormous impact. Before pruning would have taken longer and involved dragging a ladder around the hillside so as to reach those higher branches. Now with your Fislars everything is within reach and so the pruning is quicker and less tiring - fatiga meno - as they say here.

We start again tomorrow so watch out for more..

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