Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old Olive Trees

We are very fortunate here at Casa Margherita to have a small number of very, very old olive trees. We do not exactly how old they are but they are many many hundreds of years old. There is here a picture of one of them which has just been pruned so maybe looks a bit threadbare but is still a magnificent specimen. The circumference of the trunk is 4 metres!

On the other side of Trevi from us in Bovara is an olive tree known as St Emiliano's olive tree. St Emiliano is the patron of our local town, Trevi, and is is reputedly against this tree that he was killed by the Romans and on dying bled milk for the people. Thats what they say. This tree has been dated as being over 1,700 years old. Incredible.

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