Friday, April 30, 2010

Market Day

Friday is market day in Trevi so we wandered in this morning had a cafe macchiato and a pastry while glancing over the headlines in the newspapers.

We normally buy all our fruit and vegetables in the market as well fish from the fish man Gabrielle. He wasn't there today, which threw a spanner in the works as we had planned on having a fish stew type thing for dinner. I have just returned from the supermarket which does have a good wet fish counter so will still be able to enjoy a fish stew.

Recipe (for 2) - if you can call it that.

Fry an onion together with some celery and garlic and until they are soft. Then add a tin of tomatoes or better still a bottle/tin of tomato sauce. Add salt and pepper and then leave on a gentle heat until it is a thick and tasty sauce. I then like to wizz it is a food processor so the sauce doesn't have any bits in - it's smooth in fact.

At this point you add your fish and cook until done. What fish? Really whatever you want but we have prawns, octopus, mussels, clams and occasionally a little fillet of fish such as cod, eel or salmon. Job done. Enjoy with some bread so you can pick up every last drop of fishy tomato sauce.

Unfortunately Barca didn't beat Inter so my hopes now rest on Van Gaal and Bayern Munich in the final.

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