Friday, April 23, 2010

Liberation Day

This Sunday is liberation day when the allies liberated Italy from the Axis forces in April 1945.

Considerable numbers of towns and villages will be holding some form of event/festa this weekend and Trevi, our local town is no different. It is holding Pic & Nic which I have written about earlier. Full details of the event are availabale at

The weather forecast is variable with tomorrow having a risk of showers and then Sunday being forecast to be Sunday. Hopefully we will be able sell some of our olive oil in the market over the next 2 days. We are going to showcase our new small tin of olive oil - only 250ml and only €3.50.

Really as an excuse to put another picture up when we have fog as we have had today it sometimes stalls in the valley below us so at the house it feels as though you are flying and the clouds are below you.

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