Friday, March 25, 2011


Today was a day off and so we went to this agricultural show down the road in Bastia Umbra.

What was there? Well, there were more animals than on Noah's Ark, they had bits of machinery bigger than my house, cows bigger than my bathroom, a splendid array of porchetta vendors and many more things besides.

My porchetta was nice and pink and was washed down with a cup of ruffino red -  very nice lunch.

We spoke to a guy about olive oil dosers as I want to be able to bottle my own oil. Oddly given the circumstances he did not have a price list and didn't know the price of his products - top salesman.

Anyway, despite Rachel being keen to get a couple of Jerusalem donkeys we were very circumspect and got some lavender plants, a coriander plant (which is a rarity here) seeds, and........

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