Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wild boar digging

This is the results of wild boar digging. There is quite of lot of this around this time of year as food will be harder to find. You can see that they are very powerful animals.

You can hunt boar legally here if Italy. They have changed the way permits were issued recently so that they were area specific and so hunters were not at liberty to hunt over unrestricted areas. The result has been that some hunters lay down regular supplies of food so the boar do not leave their area in search of food and so guarantee better hunting.

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  1. In regions of the good ol' US of A there are two wild boars today, next month there are ten, the month after that there are 30, and it grows. They can put a grass rancher out of business. But in our unlimited intelligence we want to regulate the harvest quota. You can see the damage they do. This is just a small indicator. Is it that prevalent in Italy?