Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sant Antonio

The 17th of January in Italy is Sant Antonio's day.

He is also the adopted saint of our local village Manciano. To celebrate there is a lunch this Sunday and then a dinner next Saturday for the residents of the village organised by volunteers from the village.

San Antonio is the patron saint of animals so you can take your animal(s) to Mass this Sunday to have them blessed.


  1. Will Winnie be going to church tomorrow?
    I am confused having been brought up a catholic.
    The patron saint of animals was Saint Francis of Assisi. This saint Anthony, Anthony the great ( Anthony of Egypt or the deserts ) feast day January 17th was patron saint of infectious diseases particularly shingles
    There are many saint Anthony´s days throughout the year Saint Anthony of Padua amongst them.San antonio de padua is also known as san antonio of Lisbon because he was born there and we have nationwide celebrations on his day June 13th.
    Can you throw any more light on this I am fascinated?

  2. Have just tapped into this. It is now starting to make sense. Sorry to be so anorak!!!!

    "His relationship with pigs and patronage of swineherds is a little complicated. Skin diseases were sometimes treated with applications of pork fat, which reduced inflammation and itching. As Anthony's intervention aided in the same conditions, he was shown in art accompanied by a pig. People who saw the art work, but did not have it explained, thought there was a direct connection between Anthony and pigs - and people who worked with swine took him as their patron.

    Born: 251 at Heracleus, Egypt

    Died: 356 at Mount Colzim of natural causes; relics near Vienne

    Name Meaning: inestimable
    Patronage: against pestilence, amputees, animals, basket makers, basket weavers, brush makers, butchers, cemetery workers, domestic animals, eczema, epilepsy, epileptics, ergotism (Saint Anthony's fire), erysipelas, gravediggers, graveyards, hermits, hogs, Hospitallers, monks, pigs, relief from pestilence, skin diseases, skin rashes, swine, swineherds

    Representation: bell; pig; t-shaped staff; tau cross with a bell on the end; man with a pig at his side