Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vincanta, olive oil & work

Dropped off 6 bottles of olive oil to our friends Masi and Gabi who run an Enoteca halfway between Trevi and Spoleto in Campello - and then went on to a wood merchant where we bumped into one of our neighbours Luigi who is building a very nice swimming pool at his house in Manciano - it's from a kit but clad with wood on the outside and the inside is formed without using concrete which his dislikes intensely.

This afternoon back to strimming the grove this afternoon which is going quite well.

The photo below is a sign which we passed this morning which shows Trevi as a member of the Citta Dell Olio. A movement that promotes Italian extra virgin olive oil. I like the graphic. - graphics in Italy tend to be of a very high qualit


  1. That is a nice sign indeed! Did you have a good olive harvest in 2009? Down here in Apulia it was disastrous...this is the first year we have had to buy oil!

  2. Last year was not good as we had heavy rain and hail when the trees were flowering and so lost a lot of flower and so fruit.