Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oaks, truffles and a scam

These are two oaks trees that mark the westerly edge of the grove. Below them there is a track that runs along the border of the grove. In terms of cutting the grass it is a good milestone to get down to here.

There are truffles growing under this tree as a couple of years ago someone pruning some of neighbours trees asked if we knew there were truffles we said no and so he took us down there poked around in the layer of dead grass and leaves and picked up a truffle the size of an egg. Very fortuitous.

We are hoping to persuade Daniella to bring here dog Stella down when it's truffle season as she has been trained to sniff out truffles. Our dog Winnie can do dog biscuits and chasing lizards and that's about it!

There are a number of (fenced) fields around and about that have been planted with oak saplings inpregnated with truffle spors. I think there must be a great scam opportunity here as you have to wait some 6 years before you are liable to get any truffles.

Picture the conversation. "So you're sure these saplings are full of truffle spor. Oh yes sir - here's my number if you have any problems"!!

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