Monday, June 21, 2010

Festa Time!

Here in Italy many small villages and towns are either having their annual festa or preparing for it as June and July are very popular times to hold them.

A lot of them are themed around a food item as you can see from two of the posters below. No food item is above a festa. Polenta, celery, potatoes you name it, it will probably have a festa in it's honour.

Our local village, Trevi, has its festa in October when the famous black celery of Trevi is celebrated. More of that come October.

Otherwise as the "Piccione' poster shows, they are just an excuse for a good time.


  1. Black Celery. - more info please.
    we are growing black tomatoes this year
    Judging by their progress I dont think we´ll be honouring them with their own Festa!!!

  2. Try this link - it is more a type of celery local to Trevi rather than its colour as i'm afraid it is green like most other kinds of celery. Have a look anyway -