Sunday, February 23, 2014

Doing the market...

As another month speeds by it was yet again time for the monthly farmer's market in Trevi. As normal, I was present with my wonderful olive oil but this month had decided to do a double header and also do the antique, collectable, any old rubbish market that takes place in the adjacent Piazza.

Having done a bit of life laundry I had a number of CD's that required a new owner(s).

So Rachel was charged with olive oil sales and I with convincing the probably skeptical Trevi public of the merit of 80's/90's music from an English/American perspective.

Total sales. €25.50 for Rachel and a measly €4.00 for me. I was glad to have avoided the charge of €4.50 to have a stall.

Sounds poor, and it is, but this a night out at our local pizza emporium with wine……………

Onward and upwards.

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