Thursday, July 29, 2010

Danger grass!

I took Winnie our Westie down to the vet yesterday for her booster jabs. As is normal they gave her the once over and they found a grass seed head like this one in her right ear. It was in quite deep and near her eardrum. They are quite dangerous and can penetrate the skin, enter the blood stream and kill the unfortunate animal. On finding it the vet exclaimed as she often does 'povera bestia' - poor animal.

The vet tried to extract it with me holding Winnie but she was having none of it. The vet suggested we return later and to bring Rachel. We duly did but Winnie won this battle as well. So there was nothing for it but for Winnie to have an anaesthetic and then the vet was able to remove the seed head.

The other thing we learnt was that an eardrum in italian is timpano - like the timpani in an orchestra.

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